Committees and Task Forces

Committees and Task Forces

2019 Committees

The 2018 Bencher Election has just concluded, therefore the 2019 committees have not been selected. We will update this page once the new committees have been selected.

Committee Members

Access to Legal Services

The Access to Legal Services Committee considers ways to enhance access to legal services for Saskatchewan consumers.


Admissions & Education

The Admissions and Education Committee assists the Benchers in upholding the standards for admission to the Law Society by ensuring that only those individuals who are qualified are admitted and continue as members of the Law Society.



The Audit Committee monitors the financial affairs of the Law Society including oversight of the audit of the annual financial statements.


Conduct Investigation

The Conduct Investigation Committee is made up of a panel of Benchers whose job it is to review and investigate each complaint referred by Professional Responsibility Counsel. The committee will consider the information available and determine the appropriate response to the conduct in question. Ultimately, the Conduct Investigation Committee may make one of the following directions to the chair of the Discipline Committee:

  • Direct the member to participate in a Conduct Review;
  • Direct that formal charges be brought against the lawyer so that the allegations of conduct unbecoming against the member may be determined by a hearing committee;
  • Refer the matter to the Professional Standards Committee or the Ethics Committee; or
  • Direct that no further action is necessary in relation to the complaint.

Discipline Executive

The Discipline Executive Committee develops policies to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and fairness of LSS’s investigation and disciplinary proceedings and recommends amendments to the Rules, Code, and The Act which pertain to disciplinary proceedings of the LSS.


Equity and Diversity

The Equity and Diversity Committee was re-established in 2017 to assist the Benchers by:

  • Monitoring developments and providing advice on issues affecting equity and diversity in the legal profession.
  • Exploring and recommending actions and/or initiatives to be taken with respect to equity and diversity within the legal profession.
  • Making recommendations for and supporting ongoing education and awareness training for members of the legal profession relating to equity and diversity.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee meets several times during the year to review matters of ethical concern which originate through either a complaint or a voluntary request for ruling by members. The committee applies the provisions of the Code of Professional Conduct to the facts at hand and provides helpful interpretation of specific Code sections. Following their consideration of the issues in each matter, the Committee issues Ethics Rulings (“Lawyer X” Rulings) to help guide members. The committee is also responsible for making recommendations to the Benchers respecting professional ethics and the development of, and revisions to, the Code of Professional Conduct.



The Executive Committee provides direction and oversight for the strategic and operational planning of the Law Society and develops agendas for Bencher meetings to ensure that the Benchers exercise their oversight, regulatory and policy development responsibilities.



The Governance Committee oversees the overall governance and management of policy of the Law Society ensure that the Benchers fulfill their legal, ethical and functional responsibilities. This includes:

  • Developing, reviewing and implementing governance policies and procedures, and monitoring compliance.
  • Overseeing Bencher elections and appointments.
  • Directing Bencher orientation and ongoing training.
  • Conducting Bencher performance evaluations.

SLIA/Insurance Committee

Saskatchewan Lawyers’ Insurance Association Inc. (SLIA) is a non-profit corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of the LSS. SLIA provides mandatory errors and omissions insurance to the members of the Law Society of Saskatchewan pursuant to The Legal Professions Act, 1990.

SLIA is a member of the Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association (CLIA). CLIA is a reciprocal insurance exchange, which offers mandatory liability insurance to lawyers licenced by a law society and a voluntary excess insurance program. The program is run by in-house counsel and a claims coordinator, who report to a board of directors composed of both Bencher and non-Bencher members.

By establishing local control of files within the limits of the group deductible, lawyers insured through SLIA are assured that:

  • Their files are being both adjudicated and litigated by local counsel.
  • Their interests are being represented as stakeholders on the advisory board of their insurer.
  • Profits following any given claims years are retained locally for their benefit.

Legal Resources

The Legal Resources Committee assists the Benchers of the Law Society to create a plan and strategic direction for the delivery of legal information in Saskatchewan.


Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Committee (PSC) reviews practice-related trends and issues that arise as a result of complaints and practice advisor reviews. PSC creates policies and best practices to proactively assist the membership to prevent complaints and insurance claims. One of the objectives in undertaking these activities is to fulfill the Law Society’s goal of protecting clients and the public. PSC implements proactive initiatives to help members maintain good practice management and competence standards. It recommends necessary amendments to the rules relating to professional standards for practice management and competency for approval by the Benchers.

Individually or in small groups, members of PSC consider complaint matters referred to them by Professional Responsibility Counsel and decide whether to appoint a practice advisor to meet with the member and review his or her practice. The PSC member(s) assigned to the file reviews and approves the practice advisor’s report and recommendations. They may also impose practice conditions on members following an investigation of a complaint, where appropriate.

PSC is also responsible for overseeing the New Solo/Small Firm Program, which offers, free of charge, the assistance of the practice advisors to members who are in the early stages of a new solo or small firm practice. The goal is to assist these members with establishing best practices and appropriate systems in their practices, growing their practices and preventing future problems.


Trust Safety

The Trust Safety Committee was established as an ad hoc committee to review and make recommendations regarding rules and practices governing trust accounts, the Special Fund and related matters.