About Us

Mission Statement, Vision, Values and Strategic Directions


Mission Statement

Acting in the public interest, the Law Society of Saskatchewan:

(i)     protects the public by regulating competence and integrity in legal services;
(ii)    promotes access to legal services;
(iii)   ensures the independence of the legal profession; and
(iv)   advances the administration of justice and the rule of law.


The Law Society of Saskatchewan is a leader in fostering public confidence through effective and innovative regulation of legal services.  


Integrity - the Law Society acts honestly and ethically. 

Accountability - the Law Society is responsible for its actions and ensures transparent communication and process. 

Fairness - the Law Society treats all people fairly, respectfully and consistently through impartial application of policies, procedures and practices. 

Independence - the Law Society is an independent and autonomous regulator.  

Inclusivity - the Law Society supports inclusion, equity and diversity.

Access - the Law Society promotes access to appropriate legal services.

Strategic Directions

  1. Improving confidence in the LSS among all stakeholders;
  2. Improve capacity, competence and knowledge of the membership;
  3. Improve access to legal services.