CPD Activities

Types of CPD Activities

Under the CPD Policy, the Law Society of Saskatchewan is to accommodate the professional development needs of all members by providing a wide range of professional development opportunities. In order to become an Accredited CPD Activity, an activity must either be pre-approved by the Law Society or be delivered by an Approved Provider.

The following is a list of the type of activities that will be eligible to become Accredited CPD Activities:

  • Attendance at traditional professional development courses and activities.
  • Attendance at a professional development program offered by a:
    • law firm;
    • corporate legal department;
    • government agency or department;
    • local Bar association;
    • CBA sections;
    or similar entity, provided the activity is offered in a group setting.
  • Participation in online "real time" courses, streaming video, web and/or teleconference courses or activities provided that is an opportunity to ask and answer questions.
  • Review of a recorded version of an Accredited CPD Activity.
  • Completion of an interactive self-study online course provided that a testing component is included in the course.
  • Teaching at a course or activity related to law or the practice of law (one hour of teaching will qualify for three CPD hours to take into account preparation time).
  • Serving as a faculty member for a skills workshop or as a panel member for a panel of discussion (one hour as a faculty or panel member will qualify for two CPD hours to take into account preparation time).
  • Participation in a study group of two or more people provided the group's study focuses on law related activities.
  • Writing law books or articles relating to the study or practice of law for publication.