CPD On Demand FAQs

In response to the COVID-19 situation and to recognize the financial hardship this pandemic is causing our members, the CPD Department is launching a streaming service pilot project. From the Law Society’s perspective, this is a creative opportunity to continue to fulfil our mandate to promote competence by offering a CPD option that is affordable, easily accessible and convenient for our members.

It is built on a platform called Vimeo OTT. Vimeo is currently the Law Society’s go-to solution for housing recorded CPD content and live-streaming events. Through this platform, users gain access to all content, which includes our catalogue of recorded webinars and seminars, by purchasing a 12-month subscription to the platform. The CPD OnDemand user interface and user experience are intuitive and simple and offers full Browse and Search functionality. All supporting materials and PowerPoint presentations associated with a program are accessible through the links included with the recording.

To assist our members in maintaining and further developing competence as they navigate these very challenging times, we are introducing CPD OnDemand at a very low price of $349/subscriber for a 12-month subscription. This all-access subscription provides members with a CPD option that is affordable and easily accessible at their convenience. To subscribe to the platform, visit:

NOTE: The special pilot pricing of $349 will be offered until August 31, 2020. Following that, members should expect an increase in the subscription cost to reflect actual operating costs for the Law Society to continue to produce the educational content available in CPD OnDemand.

A subscription term lasts for 365 days from the date of purchase. Please note that although this platform is set up to automatically renew at your original subscription price, if you have subscribed during the pilot pricing period, your subscription will not automatically renew.  

Until August 31st, any members who have already spent $349 on Law Society CPD since January 1, 2020 can contact the Law Society to receive a free year-long subscription. Additionally, any members that have purchased Law Society CPD this year can pay the difference between $349 and what they have already spent to receive their year-long subscription.

Members will report their CPD hours for each activity in their Member Profile on the Law Society website, just as they do now. Programs watched will NOT be automatically populated in their Member Profile.

Members can accumulate all of their required CPD hours by using the CPD OnDemand platform. If they have watched a program, we hope they have learned from it and they can report CPD hours for that activity. The Law Society encourages members to watch as much CPD as possible to increase their professional competence.

A member’s login is unique to them. Any member wishing to utilize this platform and report CPD hours from the available content must purchase their own yearly subscription. The CPD Department will continue to conduct regular, random audits of CPD activities reported by members.

The Law Society will continue to develop and deliver live CPD programming (priced at our standard registration rates), however, CPD OnDemand subscribers will be given a coupon code to attend live webinars for free and to receive $75 off registration fees for live seminars (note: live in-person seminars have ceased, but will resume once it is safe to do so).

Webinars will be added to the CPD OnDemand catalogue in the days following the live webinar. There will be a 6-month delay in adding recordings of seminars to the CPD OnDemand catalogue. Obviously, any live activity that is not recorded cannot be added to the platform.

The Law Society will be collecting feedback during this pilot project to determine whether this platform is a beneficial service for members and whether it will be offered on a go-forward basis.