CPD Policy

CPD Policy

The Law Society of Saskatchewan regulates the legal profession in the public interest by ensuring its members meet and maintain high standards of integrity and competency. In light of this, the Law Society introduced a Continuing Professional Development Policy (the "CPD policy") which took effect January 1, 2010. The CPD policy sets out Minimum CPD Requirements to ensure that members of the Law Society of Saskatchewan meet and maintain these requirements by undertaking professional development throughout their careers.

Under the CPD policy, all active members are required to complete 36 hours of "Accredited CPD Activities" in the most current three-year period, the next of which ends December 31 of this year.

Not less than six hours of the required 36 hours must pertain primarily to any one or any combination of the following topics ("Ethics Hours"):

  • Professional responsibility
  • Ethics
  • Practice standards
  • The Code of Professional Conduct
  • Conflict of interest
  • Rules of the Law Society
  • Client care and relations
  • Practice management

Credit hours for CPD activities will be approved by the Law Society upon application by a member or a provider for approval of specific CPD activities. Lawyers will be required to self-report their CPD activities in their Member Profile through the Law Society website.

The Law Society welcomes your comments and suggestions on the Continuing Professional Development Program. Email your comments to the Director of Admissions & Education.