Eligible CPD Activities

Eligible CPD Activities

The following is a list of the type of activities that will be eligible to become Accredited Continuing Professional Development Activities:

  • Attendance at traditional professional development courses and activities.
  • Attendance at a professional development program offered by a:
  • law firm;
  • corporate legal department;
  • government agency or department;
  • local Bar association;
  • CBA sections;
  • or similar entity, provided the activity is offered in a group setting.
  • Participation in online "real time" courses, streaming video, web and/or teleconference courses or activities provided that is an opportunity to ask and answer questions.
  • Review of a recorded version of an accredited CPD activity.
  • Completion of an interactive self-study online course provided that a testing component is included in the course.
  • Teaching at a course or activity related to law or the practice of law (one hour of teaching will qualify for three CPD hours to take into account preparation time).
  • Serving as a faculty member for a skills workshop or as a panel member for a panel of discussion (one hour as a faculty or panel member will qualify for two CPD hours to take into account preparation time).
  • Participation in a study group of two or more people provided the group's study focuses on law related activities.
  • Writing law books or articles relating to the study or practice of law for publication.

Application to have a specific CPD activity accredited

To check if a CPD activity has already been accredited by the Law Society, go into the CPD Hours section of your Member Profile and click on "Browse Activities".  If the CPD activity you are searching for is not listed, then it has not been accredited.  In that case, you will need to submit an application to have the activity accredited by the Law Society.

CPD Activity Application Form