COVID-19 Updates

Preparing for the COVID-19 Virus

The Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan states that individuals should continue working from home if they can do so effectively. The Law Society takes these recommendations seriously. The health and safety of our members, students, faculty, staff, members of the public and their families remains our number one priority.

Throughout the pandemic, we have developed remote practices that have allowed us to operate uninterrupted, without delays, and at full capacity. Performance of each department in the organization has and continues to be closely monitored throughout the pandemic. In instances where it has been necessary to improve the effectiveness of service or productivity, accommodations have been made to reduce risk for those who need to work from our physical office space.

We want to assure our members, the public and our various stakeholders that the Law Society is closely monitoring COVID-19 announcements and recommendations from health authorities regarding risk and safe practices as we move through the various stages of re-opening. While our physical office will remain closed until further notice every aspect of the Law Society’s functions and programming will continue to operate at full capacity on a remote basis.

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