Becoming a Lawyer in Saskatchewan

Application for Admission as a Lawyer

Provided that all criteria are met, students will be eligible for admission as a lawyer upon completion of their 12 months of articles and the CPLED Bar Admissions Program. 

Law Society Requirements (Rule 161 and 176)

The Law Society requires articling students to apply under Rule 161 and 176 in order to be admitted as a lawyer.  

Students may apply for admission as a lawyer prior to completing their articles.  The application will be accepted by the Law Society "subject to further compliance with the Rules".  The Law Society Membership Officer will advise the student as to what will be necessary to finalize the application.

Students enrolled in the Saskatchewan CPLED Bar Admissions Program must provide the Law Society with an Affidavit of Attendance of the Program as part of the Application for Admission as a Lawyer (Rule 161(1)(b)(iii)).   Students will be given the Affidavit of Attendance to be completed at the conclusion of Module 9 of the Saskatchewan CPLED Bar Admissions Program and sumitted to the Director of Bar Admissions. Consequently, when completing Page 1, item (b) on Form A-8 of the Application, simply write in "To Be Filed" and initial it.

The Executive Director of the Law Society receives and reviews all Applications for Admission as a Lawyer and, pursuant to Rule 176(5), has discretion to approve, approve with conditions or deny an applications for admission as a lawyer, or to direct the Chair of the Admissions and Education Committee to strike a hearing panel to hear and determine the application pursuant to Rules 178-188.  In the event that an application is referred to a hearing panel, the application will be subject to delay.  It is strongly recommended that if there are special circumstances surrounding an application that the application be provided to The Law Society well in advance of any impending deadline set out in the Rules in order to minimize any potential delay in being admitted as a lawyer. 


Students must submit the Application for Admission as a Lawyer (Form A-8) and the Affidavit of Lawyer or Member of the Judiciary with whom they served (Form A-9) along with the application fee of $175 plus $8.75 GST for a total fee of $183.75

Signing the Roll

Once all of the requirements outlined above have been met students must sign The Law Society Roll at the LAW SOCIETY office in Regina.  Appointments to sign the Roll will NOT be scheduled until the student's Application for Admission as a Lawyer has been submitted and approved. The enrolment fee, the prorated annual fee and the prorated levy for errors and omissions insurance must be paid.  Once the Roll is signed and all required fees are paid, newly admitted lawyers will be entitled to practice in Saskatchewan.  Please contact Cheryl Eberle (Membership Officer) for further details.

Presentation to the Bar

Ceremonies formally presenting newly admitted lawyers to the Court will be conducted in the fall.  All newly admitted lawyers and their firms will be notified by the local Bar Association concerning these ceremonies.