Applying for Admission as Student-At-Law

Applying for Admission as Student-At-Law

The Law Society of Saskatchewan administers the rules, regulations and procedures for articling students and their principals.  One of the first steps in your Bar admission process is to apply to be a Student-at-law.  You must be registered with the Law Society of Saskatchewan as a Student-at-law before you can article in Saskatchewan.  Time spent at a law office is not counted toward your articling period unless you are a Student-at-law.

To attain Student-at-law status, you must apply to the Law Society of Saskatchewan:

The requirements for Students-at-law are set out in Rules 703 to 715 of the Rules of the Law Society of Saskatchewan.  Read these rules carefully and follow them because the Law Society strictly adheres to these rules.

There is no specific deadline for applying to attain Student-at-law status.  However, students must be a Student-at-law in order to file an Articling Agreement (Form A-2) which is required before the first day of articles.

To register for the PREP Bar admission course, please visit or email for further information.

If you encounter problems or have questions about the details of completing your Student-at-law application, please contact Cheryl Eberle, Membership Officer (