For Lawyers and Students


Part-time Articling

The Benchers have agreed to adopt a policy which will allow articling on a part-time basis.  As well, the Benchers agree that the policy will extend to allow job sharing of an articling position by two students.  In such instances, the Benchers will look favourably on applications by principals allowing such arrangements for waivers of the rules which prohibit a principal from taking more than one student.

The following requirements apply in part-time articling situations:

  1. The articles must be completed within 24 months of commencement.
  2. The students must attend the Bar Admissions Course full-time.
  3. The students must indicate to the Law Society office which Bar Admissions Course they will attend.  In situations where the course is offered in segments, all segments must be completed within 12 months.
  4. Evidence of agreement of the principal to the proposed timing schedule must be submitted to the Law Society office.
  5. The articles of clerkship must be amended to reflect the part-time nature of the articles.