Non-Lawyer Legal Service Provider


The Ministry of Justice and the Law Society of Saskatchewan have jointly undertaken a project to explore the possibility of allowing non-lawyers to provide some legal services. A Task Team - comprised of lawyers, individuals working in the legal system who are not lawyers and members of the public - has been appointed to examine this issue and develop recommendations for consideration by the Benchers and the Ministry about the appropriate role, if any, of non-lawyers in the provision of legal services.  In carrying out its mandate, the Task Team will consider a wide range of possible approaches and will keep the public interest central to its determination. 

An extensive consultation with legal organizations and other stakeholders within Saskatchewan’s justice system is currently underway.  Any other groups or individuals wishing to make a submission on this topic may contact the Task Team by email at  

For more information about the Task Team, a press release with more information can be viewed here. A short consultation paper describing the project and the mandate of the Task Team can be found here.