For the Public

In Saskatchewan, the membership of the legal profession is self-regulated.  The Law Society of Saskatchewan was established in 1907 to carry out that purpose, with an over-arching mandate to protect the public interest.  The Law Society sets standards for the practice of law in the province, disciplines its members when they breach those standards, and regulates the competency qualifications required to practice law in Saskatchewan.  The Code of Professional Conduct sets out the standards for ethics and competency for the Law Society membership, which consists of all individuals who are legally entitled to practice law in Saskatchewan.

The Benchers are the governing body of the Law Society, consisting of 18 lawyers elected by region, up to four lay-benchers appointed by the lieutenant-governor in council, and the dean of the College of Law at the University of Saskatchewan.  The Law Society Administration, located in Regina, assists the Benchers to discharge their functions and to administer the affairs of the Law Society. It also acts as liaison to promote and maintain good relationships between the Law Society, members of the legal profession and the general public, including the handling of complaints by members of the public against lawyers.  However, the Law Society staff does not advocate on behalf of individual members of the public; rather, it conducts investigations and, when it believes one of its members has breached the ethical or competency standards which all lawyers must adhere to, it conducts discipline hearings with a view to protecting the public interest.