Saskatchewan Legal Coaching and Unbundled Services Pilot Project (LCUP)

Saskatchewan Legal Coaching and Unbundled Services Pilot Project (LCUP)

A Working Group comprised of the Law Society of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Justice, and CREATE Justice (the Centre for Research, Evaluation and Action Towards Equal Justice), College of Law have launched the “Saskatchewan Legal Coaching and Unbundled Services Pilot Project” (LCUP). The purpose of the project is to support, enhance, and advance legal coaching and the use of limited scope retainers.

The Working Group intends to engage in a number of actions to advance this topic in Saskatchewan, such as posting a list of lawyers who are interested in engaging in legal coaching and unbundling to improve the public’s access to such services, continuing to deliver Continuing Professional Development seminars for lawyers on the topic, developing related practice resources, and evaluating, reporting, and conducting research related to the project. 


Get Involved:

Saskatchewan lawyers – we are interested in hearing from you. We invite you to contact us to express your interest in the following:

  1. If you would like your name added to the public list as a lawyer who offers unbundled services and/or legal coaching, please email Kim Newsham, Crown Counsel, Family Justice Services Branch, Ministry of Justice and Attorney General at
  2. If you are a lawyer interested in helping “Saskatchewanize” unbundling practice resources, please email Melanie Hodges Neufeld at
  3. SAVE THE DATE: A one-day legal coaching workshop will be held in each of Saskatoon and Regina during the October 2019 Saskatchewan Access to Justice week. If you would like to be notified about new practice resources and training events related to unbundled services and legal coaching as they become available, please email Kim Newsham at