BC Law Society Prevention

Contains many helpful resources for safe and effective practice. Go to the Lawyers Insurance Fund tab to view their very helpful list of risk prevention tips and resources.


CBA Loss Prevention

An excellent array of articles, precedents and other helpful resources on everything from Dual Retainers to Wellness.

CLIA Loss Prevention Bulletin

You know the Bulletin . . . Find the entire collection in one place. Contains superior, compact and thoughtful advice.

CPD – Continuing Professional Development

We all need the credits. Stay current with trends and developments in your area. An essential part of your practice – quite literally.

Law Society Library

Excellent compilation of all Saskatchewan Caselaw, free academic resources. Start your research here.

Law Society of Saskatchewan Library Blog

An excellent and highly entertaining collection of articles touching on trends, current events. Very worthwhile. Check it out on MadLib Mondays to start your week with a smile.

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers

Confidential assistance for you and your family. If, as many of us do, you suffer from personal difficulties that are affecting the quality of your life, reach out for help.

The Lawyers Weekly

The Law Society Library currently has an online subscription. Please access through Members' Section of the Law Society website.

Practice Pro

The boss of all loss prevention databases. If there is something you need that you cannot find here, then you have a really, really unique problem. Tons of practical advice, precedent material and technical solutions all presented in easy reading bites.

Saskatchewan Limitations Manual

Measure twice. Cut once. Make sure you know what your deadline is.

SLIA Notes

Our compilation of practice tips.

Supreme Advocacy

RSS feed of real time happenings at the Supreme Court of Canada.