Access to Law Policy

Access to Law Policy

The Law Society of Saskatchewan, with the assistance of the resources of the libraries within the system, supports the administration of justice and the rule of law in the Province of Saskatchewan.  The Law Society of Saskatchewan Library's comprehensive collection of primary and secondary legal sources, in print and electronic media, is open to lawyers, articling students, law students, and the judiciary.  The libraries in Regina and Saskatoon are open to the public.  The other libraries in the system are open to authorized personnel, while other users may need permission from local courthouse personnel to access the Law Society Library's collection.

Single photocopies of library materials, required for the purposes of research, review, private study and criticism, as well as use in court, tribunal, legislative and government proceedings are available for 25 cents per page.

This service supports users of the Law Society Library who require access to legal materials while respecting the copyright holders of such materials, in keeping with the fair dealing provisions in the Copyright Act.

Guidelines to Access

  • The Access to the Law service provides single photocopies for specific purposes, identified in advance to library staff.
  • The specific purposes are research, review, private study and criticism, as well as use in court, tribunal, and government proceedings. Any doubt concerning the legitimacy of the request for these purposes will be referred to the Reference Librarian in the appropriate library.
  • The individual must identify him/herself and his/her purpose at the time of making the request. Library staff will complete a request form based on information provided by the requesting party.
  • As to the amount of copying, discretion must be used. No copies will be made for any purpose other than that specifically set out on the request form.  Ordinarily, requests for a copy of one case, one article or one statutory reference will be satisfied as a matter of routine.  Requests for substantial copying from secondary sources (e.g. in excess of 5% of the volume or more than two citations from one volume) will be referred to the Reference Librarian and may ultimately be refused.
  • The Libraries in Regina and Saskatoon maintain photocopiers for use by library staff and users. Photocopiers are not available in any other library in the Law Society of Saskatchewan Library system.  Law Society members and the judiciary may borrow materials.  Members of the public must use the materials in the library.