Legal Links For The Public

Legal Links For The Public



Saskatchewan Courts

Saskatchewan Justice

Common Questions About Saskatchewan Courts

Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly

Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan Guidebooks

Learn About the Saskatchewan Courts

Maintenance Enforcement Office

Office of the Workers' Advocate (OWA)

Office of the Saskatchewan Information & Privacy Commissioner

Child Support Recalculation Service

Publications Saskatchewan Freelaw

Saskatchewan Legal Information Project (SALI)

Ombudsman Saskatchewan

Federal Courts

Supreme Court of Canada

Federal Court of Canada

Tax Court of Canada

Court Martial Appeal Court


Use CanLII to search for Federal and Provincial caselaw and legislation

Consolidated federal statutes & regulations


Canada Gazette

Canada Justice

Public Legal Services

Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission

Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan


Public Legal Education Association of Saskatchewan

The Listen Project

Online directories

Canadian Law List

Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator: Canada

Legal Organizations

Canadian Bar Association

Canadian Bar Association Saskatchewan Branch

Association des juristes
d'expression française de la Saskatchewan (AJEFS)

Federation of Law Societies of Canada

Clicklaw Wikibooks

John Howard Society of Saskatchewan

Family Law Saskatchewan 

Women’s Legal Services through the Elizabeth Fry Society

National Self-Represented Litigants Project

NewLi: Legal Information for Newcomers

Pro Bono Students Canada Saskatchewan Chapter

Family Matters

Family Law Information Centre

Collaborative Professionals of Saskatchewan

Law Foundation of Saskatchewan

Law Reform Commission of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Trial Lawyers Association

University of Saskatchewan College of Law

University of Saskatchewan Law Library