Tutorials - CanLII

CanLII Series - Searching the New CanLII

1: A Basic "How-To" (5:57)


  • Searching CanLII by keyword and case name
  • Limiting your search by jurisdiction
  • Sorting your search by "most cited", "most recent", and "court level"
  • Example search scenarios

2: Searching for a Case with a Common Name (3:08)


  • You are looking for a BC Court of Appeal criminal case
  • The case involved a Thompson and an attempted murder
  • You seem to recall the case took place sometime in the mid 1990s
  • Thompson is a common name and the search is proving difficult

3: Noting Up a Case with CanLII (2:22)


  • You are conducting research on the role of expert evidence
  • Kelliher (Village of) v. Smith, [1931] SCR 672 appears to be a leading case commenting on the role of expert evidence
  • You would like to know how many times this case has been cited

4: Searching for Case Law on a Point of Law (2:04)


  • You are searching for cases involving defamation and damages
  • Specifically, you need to locate Saskatchewan cases from the past year 

5: Searching for Legislation (2:44)


  • Can we determine the Alberta equivalent of the Saskatchewan Administration of Estates Act?
  • Can we determine how many times a particular section of the Alberta Administration of Estates Act has been cited by a particular court?

More tutorials are available on CanLII's YouTube channel