Diary Systems

The advantage of practice management software is that it can manage a level of information far greater than you can contain in your memory and alert you to important matters in a timely fashion, allowing you to prioritize your work more effectively. However, if you use a computerized system, you should still:

  • Ensure that multiple dates for each file as well as reasons for reminders are accommodated by the software you use.
  • Be able to use the system for both general bring-forwards as well as limitation date reminders.
  • Designate someone responsible for entering the relevant information into the system, including:
    • client name;
    • file number;
    • reminder dates and the reason for the reminder;
    • dates warning of the ultimate limitation date as well as the ultimate limitation date.
  • Run reports to capture daily, weekly, and monthly reminders.
  • Be certain to routinely back-up your system to avoid catastrophic loss of data.