Diary Systems

Your diary and limitation/bring-forward system are critical for catching limitation periods and other important dates. Do not rely on memory alone! Enter limitation dates, and bring-forward dates, immediately and in the proper systems. This is an area where case management software can be of great assistance. As part of time-management and planning, consider if a pre-deadline date is required to account for lead-time to complete a task in time for the deadline.

If you have staff, make sure they are fully familiar with your diary and limitation/bring-forward systems. Staff are invaluable in this respect because they allow you to establish more effective systems by giving you a second set of eyes. Make sure that both you and your assistant or assistant keep a hard copy diary that records all client and office management dates.

Optional Video: Watch Bite Size CPD – Reminder Systems (6:34) to learn about the basic components of and importance of reminder systems. Then, read the information on the next pages for important dates and essential features that your reminder system should include.