Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete and pass the module quizzes?

If the Law Society has mandated that you take the course, or any modules thereof, then you must obtain 100% on the module quiz for each module that you take. You are permitted as many attempts as necessary to successfully pass each quiz.

If you wish to report CPD hours for time spent working through the course, or any modules thereof, then you must complete the module quiz for each module you take. This is a requirement of the Law Society’s CPD Policy. See s.12(g)B.

Note that the quizzes relate only to the text material contained in the Course, and not to any related resources referred to in the Course.

Will I receive any confirmation that I have completed the course?

There is no certificate of completion, and the Law Society does not monitor quiz results.

What’s the easiest way to find the specific Rules referenced throughout the course?

We encourage you to open a copy of The Legal Profession Act, 1990, the Rules of the Law Society of Saskatchewan and the Code of Professional Conduct as you navigate through the course. You can search a specific rule or section by using “Control F” and typing in the reference you are looking for. Links to these documents can also be found within the course.

I can’t proceed to the next section of the module I’m working on. What do I do?

The modules are designed for learners to proceed through in order. You must click “Mark Complete” at the bottom of your screen before you can move to the next section. If you’ve clicked “Mark Complete” and are still unable to proceed, try refreshing your screen. This will usually solve the problem. If it does not, please contact the Course Moderator.

Questions or comments?

Contact the Course Moderator.