Intake Forms

When screening potential clients, you should have each client fill out an intake form prior to your initial consultation with them. This form provides you with basic client information and allows you to perform an initial conflict search. It may also help provide you with a sense of whether the client is a good fit for you and your practice. The following list sets out some of the information you may want to include on an intake form. The list is not exhaustive and should be adapted to suit your practice. Certain practice areas, such as insurance, trusts, and securities matters, may require you to gather some very specific information to complete effective screening and conflict searches.

  • full name
  • address
  • contact information
  • occupation
  • if client is a corporation, all relevant corporate information including name, address and contact information of the business as well as of the instructing parties and relevant directors’ and shareholders’ family status (single, married, children, other dependants)
  • other parties involved in the matter, for the purpose of checking conflicts
  • type of legal matter
  • explanation of their legal problem
  • any important dates related to the legal problem
  • whether they have received legal services before and from whom
  • whether the legal services were for the same issue

It’s a good idea to clearly state on your intake form that completion of the form does not establish a solicitor-client relationship.