Introduction and Objectives

While a client may terminate the solicitor-client relationship at will, the converse is not true. There are circumstances where a lawyer may withdraw legal services and other circumstances where the Code of Professional Conduct imposes a duty on the lawyer to withdraw. In either case, the lawyer who withdraws should take precautions to protect the client’s interests and to ensure compliance with the Code of Professional Conduct.



The objectives of the Withdrawal of Legal Services module are:

  1. To appreciate that a lawyer must not place their client in a position of disadvantage because of the withdrawal of legal services.
  2. To recognize:
    a) the circumstances in which a lawyer must withdraw services, and
    b) the circumstances in which a lawyer may withdraw services.
  3. To learn the process for withdrawing services.

Although we aim to present a comprehensive Module, this Module is not exhaustive. This Module is not a substitute for exercising professional judgment and does not constitute legal advice.

Time Estimate for this Module (including Quiz): 30 minutes