Introduction and Objectives

Lawyers deal in information, rules, procedures, and timelines. This reality does not cease to exist when you go on vacation, fall ill, or when unexpected disaster (such as fire) occurs. Lawyers who plan for disruptions to their practice can meet their continuing obligations to their clients and minimize frustration, income loss, and potential liability more quickly and effectively than those who are unprepared. Further, the Law Society of Saskatchewan requires you to have a succession plan to deal with circumstances such as temporary disability, long term disability and death.



The objectives of the Planning for Absences and Emergencies module are:

  1. To understand that having a succession plan is a regulatory requirement.
  2. To appreciate the importance of arranging for coverage during planned absences from work and ensuring continuity during involuntary absence or loss.
  3. To appreciate the importance of insurance to keep your practice running, or to provide a stream of income.

    Although we aim to present a comprehensive Module, this Module is not exhaustive. This Module is not a substitute for exercising professional judgment and does not constitute legal advice.

    Time Estimate for this Module (including Quiz): 30 minutes