Module Objectives 

  1. Describe the purpose of the course
  2. State the rationale for including Non Lawyer Adjudicators in the Hearing Tribunals

Learning Activities 

  1. Welcome and Purpose of the Course featuring  Tim Brown Q.C. 
  1. Review the purpose of the course

    Alberta Law Society Adjudicators are required to handle a variety of complex hearing tribunals. These hearing tribunals require specific knowledge and skills and must conduct themselves in accordance with Law Society of Alberta guidelines. To ensure our adjudicators can perform Law Society of Alberta adjudicative functions, we have developed an Adjudicator training program. The program is aligned to National Training Standards and is delivered into two parts. The first part is being delivered online, and the second part will be delivered in a workshop format. 

3.  Review the learning outcomes for the online course (part 1) 

  • summarize best practices for hearing management 
  • summarize the role & responsibilities of an adjudicator 
  • explain principles of administrative justice in relation to hearings; and 
  • summarize how to make decisions and articulate reasons. 

4.  Review the learning outcomes for the workshop (part 2) 

  • write clear decisions according to the Law Society of Alberta’s format; 
  • demonstrate an ability to respond to challenging issues in adjudication/hearings; 
  • accepts professional ethical standards related to the LSA adjudication process; 
  • demonstrate belief in adjudication process; and cooperate in caucus discussions. 

5.  Review the attributes of this online course 

Self Paced:  You can complete the course at your own pace, within the time frame recommended by the Law Society of Alberta. 

Self Study:  There is no instructor in the online course room. However, experienced counsel will be available to answer your questions during the workshops. Questions may also be directed to the Tribunal Office. 

No Graded Exam of Final Project:  There is no graded exam or project. The Law Society of Alberta may undertake performance assessments or completion tracking. 

No Certificate:  A certificate of completion will not be available upon completion of the online training.  

6.  Complete the course in the sequence outlined below: 

  1. Course Introduction 
  1. Orientation to the Law Society of Alberta 
  1. Administrative Law 
  1. The Hearing Process 
  1. Common Hearing Issues 
  1. Decision Making 
  1. Sanctions 
  1. Tips and Traps 

For each module, 

  • Read the module objectives 
  • Complete each learning activity in the order that they are presented 
  • Take the self-assessment to test your understanding of the content 
  • Write down any questions you may have about the content and bring them to the workshop for discussion 
  • Optional Reading Resources are included to further enhance your understanding of the content but are not required to meet the module learning objectives