Module 2 – Inclusivity

Welcome to the second module of the Law Society’s personal leadership development program! This module focuses on our value of Inclusivity. 

As you may remember from the introduction to our leadership development program, inclusivity is about is about promoting and supporting inclusion, equity and diversity within our leadership and staff, and amongst Saskatchewan legal organizations, other legal service providers and the public.   

Please watch the attached video to give you and overview of what the learning expectations are for this module.   

We demonstrate inclusivity and our competencies through: 

  • – Embracing the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives of others to leverage talent, innovation, creativity and contributions;  
  • – Helping others feel valued, welcome, integrated and included in the workforce instead of isolated;  
  • – Asking for and providing timely feedback and input; and  
  • – Using gender neutral language. 

The second module of the PLDP is based on the LSS value of inclusivity and how it is demonstrated through our five core leadership competencies of change management, collaboration, diversity/cultural, innovation and performance management. 

Below are the workplans for this module that lays out all of the pieces involved.  This first attachment is for those people in individual contributor roles.  You may find it useful to print off this document as you work through the module: One Page Guide for Individual Contributors on PDLP Module 2-Inclusivity.

The second attachment: One Page Guide for Team or Project Leaders on PLDP Module 2 - Inclusivity is for those in leadership roles. You may find it useful to print off this document as you work through the module.