Module 3 – Access and Effectiveness

Welcome to the third module of the Law Society’s personal leadership development program. This module is focused on our values of access and effectiveness.

As you may remember from the introduction to our leadership development program, access is about promoting collaboration with our stakeholders and each other. While effectiveness is about being innovative, proactive and flexible in our approach in order to achieve efficient and appropriate outcomes.

We demonstrate access and effectiveness and our competencies by:

  • Understanding the organization’s mission, vision and values;
  • Working on the right things and letting go of redundant work;
  • Ensuring business-critical information is easily accessible to co-workers and members;
  • Having teammates’ backs – pitching in when and where needed;
  • Empowering others to make well-informed decisions;
  • Communicating well through various mediums;
  • Providing timely responses to requests from others; and
  • Being organized and planful.

Below is the workplan for this module that lays out the work in bite size pieces so that it is not so overwhelming for you. You may find it useful to print off this document as you work through the module.

One Page Guide for PLDP Module 3-Access & Effectivness

I hope you enjoy working through the workbook, online course, watching the videos, applying the Bandwidth handout and posting on teams around some of the items outlined above.


Should you have any questions, issues or concerns as you works through this material, please feel free to reach out to Laurie Johnson via email at or on her cell at 306.550.4594.