As part of its mission, the Law Society of Saskatchewan serves the public interest and advances the administration of justice by regulating the competence and integrity of the practice of law in a flexible and innovative matter.  The Law Society aims to support Saskatchewan law firms, lawyers, and legal service providers in acquiring and maintaining the competencies necessary to deliver innovative, efficient, and effective legal services. The Law Society provides a range of practice resources to assist lawyers in their practices.  

Most complaints referred to the Law Society’s Competency Committee indicate problems with file and office management. The Practice Management Course is intended as an introduction or review of key practice management concepts. The course reviews core concepts of practice management ranging from trust accounting to retainers to fraud avoidance.  Each module is comprised of text materials, a short quiz, and related resources.

The course does not attempt to cover a complete knowledge base for each area but rather captures highlights and provides an overview of core concepts. It will be reviewed periodically and revised where necessary to reflect the evolving nature of legal practice.  As such, the course is a living document and not an exhaustive resource. It does not constitute legal advice.