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The Law Society Library supports the members' legal research needs. Members can access books, journals, law reports, statutes, and other legal reference materials in 17 locations throughout Saskatchewan. Library staff maintain a legal news service and several online caselaw and legislative research databases.  CaseMail is sent electronically to all members twice a month.  Subscriptions to several online research products are available to the members' desktops through the Members' Section.
The Library staff can help members with their legal researchContact us:

If you have questions about any electronic service that we offer
If you need help finding a textbook
If you need help noting up a case, statute or regulation
If you need a journal article or judgment
If you need to trace the history of a statute or regulation

We have years of experience with print and online resources.  We can quickly and efficiently find the best textbook or journal article, trace a statute section or note-up a case. Please keep in mind that as librarians we are not legally trained so we cannot give legal opinions. 


The self-service copiers in Regina and Saskatoon are activated with copy codes assigned to each law firm.  Copies are $ .25 per page plus GST.  Copying by library staff is $1.00 per page.  All copies are bound by restrictions under the Copyright Act.

Book Loans

Lawyers in Saskatchewan may borrow books for two weeks. Renewals are available unless another lawyer wants to use the book.

Services to the Public

Staff at the Law Society libraries in Regina and Saskatoon will provide research assistance to the public in person, on the telephone or by e-mail.  This could include help with locating cases, statutes or other legal information in print or on the Internet.  However, library staff cannot give legal advice; interpret the meaning of statutes, cases or regulations; select statutes, cases or regulations for a specific situation; choose specific forms or language to use in forms; describe how to file a document, describe what document to file, comment on how to proceed with court actions; or state opinions on legal matters.  

Members of the public may use the photocopiers in Regina and Saskatoon. Copies are $.25 per page plus GST.  All copies are bound by restrictions under the Copyright Act