Reference Services

Librarians will always inform you in advance of any possible research charges. Any research assistance or document delivery fee is intended to defray the expenses of the Law Society Library on a cost-recovery basis only.    

For references services, contact:
306-569-8020 in Regina or toll-free 1-877-989-4999
Fax:  306-569-0155, or email

Known Item Document Delivery
Judgments, legislation, articles, forms and precedents, specifically requested by member, not as part of a subject search
Delivered by fax, mail, pick-up, or electronically where permitted
$5 per item for first 30 pages, $0.25 for each additional page
Subject searches which could include copies of digests, precedents, legislation, articles, excerpts from textbooks.
Quantum (wrongful dismissal, sentencing, personal injury)
Databases: Lexis, LSSL databases, CanLII, CCH products, Criminal Spectrum, Western Decisions, HeinOnline
Statutes, regulations, court rules, provincial and federal
CIF dates. Point in time.  Legislative intent
$120 per hour,
$30 minimum (includes printing costs)
Noting up /Judicially considered
Cases, legislation, court rules
Databases and tools consulted: LSSL databases, CanLII, Lexis, Cdn Case Citations, Statutes Judicially Considered, Rules Judicially Considered, CPCs  
Interlibrary loans Any fees from lending library will be covered by member. Complicated loans (those requiring the librarian to spend more than 30 minutes research to locate an item) - $25 handling fee
Lost Books
If after 6 months a member cannot find a book checked out in his/her name.
Replacement cost or $100 if the item is out of print, plus $50 handling fee.