Printed Publications

  • Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated

    The new print edition of the Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated is scheduled for delivery to the Law Society Library on October 9, 2018 and the ebook will be available shortly thereafter. We are now taking pre-orders for both versions.

    Features of the Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated 2018-2019 include:

    • Content updated to Saskatchewan Gazette Volume 114, No. 13
    • Case law updated to March 2018
    • Full index, tariff of costs, historical concordance from 1961, tables of cases, statutes and authorities
    • All annotations and updates by Christine Johnston BEd, LLB

    Prior to the release of this new edition, the Law Society Library reduced the price of our previous print editions. In case you missed that news, the Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated 2017-2018 is now available for $125.00 and the Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated 2016 is only $25.00. The ebook versions of those editions are also available for a reduced price through Emond Publishing.


    Buy the paperback from the Law Society Library by filling in the order form

  • Civil Appeals in Saskatchewan (ON SALE)

    With the expert knowledge gained over almost 34 years on the Court of Appeal, former Justice Stuart J. Cameron carefully guides users through the sometimes complicated legislation and rules of the province’s highest court. This welcome resource provides practical commentary on case law and legislation in one comprehensive, easy-to-use guide. Order now!

    ISBN 978-0-9699120-8-8
    9x 6 hardcover
    392 pages
    $100.00 + tax and shipping 


    • Forms
    • Practice Directives
    • Tariff of Costs
    • Fees Regulations
    • Table of Cases and Statutes
    • Full Index

    The Court of Appeal Act, 2000, SS 2000, c C-42.1, and The Court of Appeal Fees Regulations, 2000, RRS c C-42.1 Reg 1, have been reproduced by permission of The Queen's Printer, Regina, Saskatchewan.

  • Saskatchewan Builders' Lien Manual, 2nd ed.  (2014)  (ON SALE)

    $120 + GST. Standard shipping will be added. Please call 306-569-8020 for expedited shipping costs.

    Do you like ebooks? We have teamed up with Emond Montgomery Publications to produce our very first ebook, and the second edition of Saskatchewan Builders’ Lien Manual ebook is now available for download to your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device!