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  • Saskatchewan Queen's Bench Rules Annotated
    2016 Consolidation   NEW!

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QbrabundlepriceFully updated and reorganized by Christine Johnston, BEd, LLB, with all changes to the Rules and Tariffs to The Saskatchewan Gazette, Vol. 112, No. 35, dated September 2, 2016, in effect October 1, 2016. Case law is current to June 2016.

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  • Civil Appeals in Saskatchewan - Available now 
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    The Court of Appeal Act, 2000, SS 2000, c C-42.1, and The Court of Appeal Fees Regulations, 2000, RRS c C-42.1 Reg 1, have been reproduced by permission of The Queen's Printer, Regina, Saskatchewan.

  • Saskatchewan Builders' Lien Manual, 2nd ed.  (2014) 

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Written by W Brent Gough & Collin K Hirschfeld
ISBN: 978-0-9699120-7-1 (ebook) or 978-0-9699120-6-4 (print)



From its humble beginnings as the Law Society of the North-West Territories to its formation in Saskatchewan in 1907, this book describes the Law Society's role in the development of Saskatchewan and its mission to protect the public.  Special focus is placed on the changes the Society and the legal profession have endured over the past 100 years, with the most significant changes occurring in the last quarter century. A Century of Integrityis a tribute to the inspirational stories and accomplishments of individuals who shaped the Law Society and the province.  Fully illustrated, it contains the largest published collection of historical images of the Saskatchewan legal profession.

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