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  • Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated

    The 2017–2018 Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated annual paperback is now available for pre-order. Updated by Christine Johnston, BA, LLB, and current to March 2017, this valuable resource is a must-have for practitioners in Saskatchewan. For the first time ever, we are offering the QBRA in ebook format too! Paperback and ebook are each available for $250.00 + tax and shipping. Bundle them together and save even more ($350.00 + tax and shipping)!

    We know what a valuable tool the Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated is for lawyers, and we also understand that not all budgets are created equal. With that in mind, we are continuing to offer our 2016 Saskatchewan Queens’ Bench Rules Annotated, now at a discounted price of $125.00 to our members. Don’t miss out on the new ebook format, available for the first time ever! Bundle them together and save even more ($200.00 + tax and shipping)!



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    Buy the ebook from Emond Publishing at, available August 2017.

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    Correction to the Saskatchewan Queen’s Bench Rules Annotated

    It has been brought to our attention that there is a typographical error in the 2017-2018 QBRA. As it appears now, Subrule 4-46(5) reads as follows: “A defendant mentioned in subrule (1)…”. Please correct your copy to read: “A defendant mentioned in subrule (4)…”. Our apologies for this error. Please note that the QBRA is not the official version of the Court of Queen’s Bench Rules and practitioners should always consult the official version found on the Queen’s Printer website:

  • Civil Appeals in Saskatchewan

    With the expert knowledge gained over almost 34 years on the Court of Appeal, former Justice Stuart J. Cameron carefully guides users through the sometimes complicated legislation and rules of the province’s highest court. This welcome resource provides practical commentary on case law and legislation in one comprehensive, easy-to-use guide. Order now!

    ISBN 978-0-9699120-8-8
    9x 6 hardcover
    392 pages
    $100.00 + tax and shipping 


    • Forms
    • Practice Directives
    • Tariff of Costs
    • Fees Regulations
    • Table of Cases and Statutes
    • Full Index


    The Court of Appeal Act, 2000, SS 2000, c C-42.1, and The Court of Appeal Fees Regulations, 2000, RRS c C-42.1 Reg 1, have been reproduced by permission of The Queen's Printer, Regina, Saskatchewan.

  • Saskatchewan Builders' Lien Manual, 2nd ed.  (2014) 

$120 + GST. Standard shipping will be added. Please call 306-569-8020 for expedited shipping costs.

Do you like ebooks? We have teamed up with Emond Montgomery Publications to produce our very first ebook, and the second edition of Saskatchewan Builders’ Lien Manual ebook is now available for download to your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device!

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Written by W Brent Gough & Collin K Hirschfeld
ISBN: 978-0-9699120-7-1 (ebook) or 978-0-9699120-6-4 (print)



From its humble beginnings as the Law Society of the North-West Territories to its formation in Saskatchewan in 1907, this book describes the Law Society's role in the development of Saskatchewan and its mission to protect the public.  Special focus is placed on the changes the Society and the legal profession have endured over the past 100 years, with the most significant changes occurring in the last quarter century. A Century of Integrityis a tribute to the inspirational stories and accomplishments of individuals who shaped the Law Society and the province.  Fully illustrated, it contains the largest published collection of historical images of the Saskatchewan legal profession.

Out-of-print  $75 + GST  (incl. shipping & handling)