After the Webinar (GoTo Webinar)

Following the live broadcast we must access:

  1. The “Attendee Report” with survey feedback and attendance.
  2. The video file of the webinar recording

The Attendee Report should be downloaded and reviewed as it will house the feedback survey results that include topic suggestions. These surveys give us information about the attendee’s enjoyment of the webinar itself and about the presenter, while also advising planning processes for future CPD. The Attendee Report is in an excel format and can be saved in the CPD ###’s planning folder for archive purposes.

Learn how to access reports in GoTo Webinar:

GoTo Webinar also houses the recordings of past webinars. Following a webinar this video file must be downloaded for upload into both the Law Society’s Vimeo account and the CPD OnDemand platform. Note that the Law Society did historically use the GoTo Webinar video files to share recorded versions with members, but as of 2020 that process changed.

Learn where to find and download video files in GoTo Webinar: