Reading Material

Pre-Hearing Conferences Training for Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs Vice – PDF Slide Presentation
Pre-Hearing Conference Checklist (pdf)
Hearing Guide
Pre-Appeal Guideline
Pre-Hearing Guideline (pdf)
Relevant Excerpts of Legislation and Regulation (pdf)

Workshop Presenters

Jody Saunders
Jody Saunders is Tribunal Counsel with the Law Society of Alberta. Tribunal Counsel provides independent risk-based legal advice to enable decision-makers to make informed decisions, including advice on hearing practice and procedure, relevant case law, applicable legislation and procedural fairness.

Paule Armeneau, QC
Paule joined the Law Society of Alberta in 2013. She currently holds the position of General Counsel and Senior Manager, Regulation. 

Prior to joining the Law Society, she spent 18 years in private practice at Vogel LLP. Paule joined Vogel LLP in 1995, and became a Partner in 2000. Paule has a background in civil litigation and has extensive experience in assessing litigation risks. She also has substantial mediation and arbitration training.

Paule obtained her Civil Law degree from the University of Ottawa in 1992. She wrote the Alberta Common Law Equivalency Exams and was called to the Alberta Bar in 1995. Paule was appointed as Queen’s Counsel in 2013. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Paule earned a Civil Engineering degree from Concordia University and worked as a field engineer. Today, she uses the linear thought processes from her engineering background and seeks to apply it to the regulatory process.