Practice Materials

Practice Resources

The Law Society of Saskatchewan provides a range of resources to assist lawyers in their practices. If you're looking for additional legal research resources and services, please visit the Legal Resources page.

General Resources - Find resources about managing your law office, starting a new firm or solo practice, and client identification and verification.

Practice Advisor Program - Contact an experienced Practice Advisor and get help with any practice standards or management issues.

Resources from the Courts - Find rules, notices, guides and directives that come directly from the courts.

Internet and Technology Resources - Technology is changing the face of the legal industry. This section is our hub for information and resources related to learning about new technology.

Tables and Indices - Find tables or indices with pre-judgment interest rates, child support amounts, spousal support guidelines or currency conversion.

Forms and Guidelines - Find a variety of forms from the Law Society of Saskatchewan or the courts. For example, you can find Court of Queen's Bench forms, Law Society Forms, Trust Account Forms, or guidelines for the incorporation of lawyers.

Queen's Bench Rules - We keep this section updated with all the latest amendments to the Court of Queen's Bench Rules of Court. For your convenience, we also have all the Court of Queen's Bench Forms in Word format.