For Lawyers and Students

Becoming a Lawyer in Saskatchewan


National Mobility Transfers

A lawyer who is a member of a law society in another Canadian jurisdiction can practice in Saskatchewan by:

  • Temporarily providing legal services pursuant to the National Mobility Agreement (2013) (refer to Law Society Rules 195-204);
  • Becoming a member of the Law Society of Saskatchewan pursuant to the National Mobility Agreement (2013) or the Territorial Mobility Agreement (2013), which includes completion of the Saskatchewan Reading Requirements (refer to Law Society Rules 205-207); or
  • Applying for Admission as a Canadian Legal Advisor if you are a member of the Chambre des notaires du Quebec, pursuant to the National Mobility Agreement (2013) (refer to Law Society Rules 208-210).

*Please note, foreign lawyers and students who hold law degrees from foreign law schools (and who have not been admitted as a lawyer in a Canadian jurisdiction) do not qualify for transfer under mobility agreements.  Those applicants must complete the requirements for students-at-law, located in the Students section.

The Law Society of Saskatchewan is a signatory to the National Mobility Agreement, the Territorial Mobility Agreement, and the Quebec Mobility Agreement and Addendum. These Agreements will be replaced by the National Mobility Agreement (2013) and the Territorial Mobility Agreement (2013) which have been signed by all jurisdictions, but are currently awaiting official approval in Quebec prior to implementation in all jurisdictions.  The Law Society of Saskatchewan has made the decision to honour the new agreements now rather than wait for the official approval in Quebec.  Accordingly, our Rules reflect the mobility provisions of the new agreements. 

Further information related to the various mobility agreements can be found at the Federation of Law Societies of Canada website.